August 2018

July 25, 2018
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If one area of your business runs more slowly than the rest, a bottleneck will occur, causing delays and lost profitability

Use these tips to approach warranty calls as a marketing tactic to keep clients happy and repeat/referral rates growing

This double-grooved decking system uses neoprene gaskets that serve as hidden fasteners and prevent water from draining between boards

...with undercabinet lighting

More on-site light-meter readings lead to evidence-based recommendations for effective undercabinet lighting

EverCommerce is bringing together some of the biggest tech names in home improvement

Mistakes happen, but a big mistake creates fallout in proportion to the authority of the person who makes it

Are you tempted to reveal your costs to homeowners? Think again. 

Use these guidelines to protect your profits 

I believe that the data is accurate but doesn't give the whole picture. 

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