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Innovative Products: Indow Windows Interior Window Inserts

An affordable alternative to replacement and traditional storm windows

May 03, 2018
window inserts are a popular option for remodelers in remodeling

Drafty windows increase energy use and make a home less comfortable. Indow Windows interior window inserts are designed to solve that problem. 

“There’s a huge call for people to replace their windows if they want energy efficiency,” says Carrie Sturrock, Indow company storyteller, “and this is the answer for a lot of those folks who don’t truly need or want to replace their windows.”

The inserts, made from acrylic glazing and edged with a patented silicone compression tube, are manufacturered at Indow’s Portland, Ore., factory, following a laser measuring of the windows. The inserts then easily pop into place. A small D-ring helps release the inserts for storage, though Indow marketing director Kristina Damschen says most people opt to keep them in year round.

When pressed into the window frame, the tubing compresses to hold the insert in place, sealing out heat, cold, and noise. By creating a dead air pocket with the existing window, the inserts reduce heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning energy use by nearly 20 percent, according to two independent case studies. 

“It’s an all-around comfort solution, but the best part is that it disappears into your frames,” says Damschen. This is a key factor for homeowners who don’t want to sacrifice aesthetic for efficiency and comfort. With pricing starting at $24 per square foot for standard grade inserts, Indow offers options for budget-conscious and aesthetically focused clients who are tired of being dragged down by drafts. 

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