Innovative Products: Cuz-D Industries Straight Flush Saw

This redesigned worm drive does things most circular saw owners only dream of doing

May 03, 2017

Circular saws really do only one thing well: crosscut 2-bys. You can rip or crosscut plywood, but you need a track saw or clamps and a straightedge. And when it comes to undercutting trim to make room for flooring, or cutting sheathing out of a window opening, forget it. 

Being able to do the whole job with one saw was framer Jake Cuzdey’s inspiration when he began tinkering with the worm-drive saw that eventually became the Straight Flush Saw. The saw’s namesake feature—making clean-edged flush cuts and undercuts—is possible because the motor housing is flat on three sides, the saw bed is completely to one side of the housing, and the low-profile arbor nut sits in a recess in the proprietary 8 ½-inch blade. With the blade guard removed, this arrangement allows the user to hold the blade flush against one surface—such as the floor—while cutting adjacent materials—such as a door jamb. And with the blade bevel set to –5° (another unique feature), you can cut subfloor or flooring flush to a wall without damaging finish materials.

But wait ... This also works with the saw on its side because the blade extends beyond the front of the motor housing. With the dust cover removed and the hinged front section of the bed folded up (yes, also unique), you can make a “nose cut”—a 1 9/16-inch-deep flush cut—to, say, cut the sheathing out of a window opening from the inside. The saw is pretty scary-looking with the guard removed, but it has one safety feature that other saws don’t have: a lever on the D-handle that raises and lowers the main blade guard. Given how many injuries and marred surfaces are caused by carpenters pinning back the blade guard with wedges, this is a big step forward for safety.

Other unique features include a -5° to 65° bevel range, a rotating trigger handle with stops at 45° and 90° (to keep your hand in a comfortable position on bevel cuts and nose cuts), and a full-length rip guide that makes long rips possible with no need to chalk a line. Available online and from a growing number of retailers, the saw is a pricey $575 (including rip guide, front dust cover, and adjustable dust port, but no case)—and comes with a lifetime guarantee, even if you aren’t the original owner. Go online to watch the saw in action and to find out where to buy at

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Looks like an awesome saw. I'm going to definitely investigate because of the versatility, but honestly, I only clicked on the article because of the subject line on the Professional Remodeler email , 'One saw to rule them all'

Hey, Thank you for the info/review. I wanted to drop a note as an update.
This has been quite the process! (the movies lied to me!)
The Straight Flush Saw launched onto the market about 7 months ago, with a little expected turbulence we quickly adapted to, we are now in full swing and getting great reviews and feedback.
There are two links I wanted to share- our website where you can check out our newest video of the finished product in action,
The second is our ‘free saw program’, this is intended to offer a carpenter to share the Straight Flush Saw info with their local lumber yard or hardware store that they have a relationship with, and if that store picks us up- that carpenter gets a FREE Saw!! That info can be viewed here-
All preorders have been fulfilled, we are in over 80 retail locations and growing rapidly and many of those retailers have placed their 2nd, 3rd and even 4th re order!
We are also available on Amazon Prime and I hope you all enjoy!

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