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Marketing Minute: Tips for Making Better Videos

Director of home improvement Drew Barto offers insight on the importance of video and highlights an app contractors and remodelers should download today

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How to Install Fiber-cement Panels

A system of tracks holds large panels off the sheathing, creating a rainscreen while also providing flashing at joints and a finished edge treatment  

Mobile Apps Changing In-home Lending Experience

Apps promise to make connecting the customer to a lender a fast and easy part of the sales process

Roofing Backlog: How Much Is Too Much?

It's great to have lots of jobs in the pipeline, but only if you manage your future revenue stream properly

Make Roof Safety A Selling Point For Homeowners

Statistics show that roofing is one of the most dangerous activities in construction. Yet many companies continue to ignore OSHA safety rules.

Remodeling the Record Books

How one home improvement company used old windows and sense of community to become a world record holder

How and Where Radiant Barriers Work

Foil blocks heat transfer best if it stays clean, is adjacent to an airspace, and the delta is large enough. 

Selling and Installing the Difficult Roof

Estimating man-hours can be tricky on the tough or unique roofing jobs most companies will walk away from.

How Small a Hole Is Too Small for a Mouse?

A woodworker finds out using a homemade test apparatus and peanut butter bait

Where Will Your Next Star Performer Come From?

Recognizing potential leaders within your organization is key to its future growth. 

A New Dynasty in Home Improvement

EverCommerce is bringing together some of the biggest tech names in home improvement

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