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How Contractors Can Determine Lead Value

On this episode of Rock Stars of Remodeling, Builder Prime Founder and CEO Jonathan Weinberg reveals how contractors can effectively determine the value of each lead to their business, and why they must do so

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When It Comes to Siding, Looks Are Everything

How do you sell a homeowner something they’re not even sure they really want? Dress it up.

Roofing Contractor Seeking Intern

Creating a successful internship program for your company is all about creating a process, including managing it

You Screen, We Screen

The last step in your hiring process may prove to be the most crucial

Deck as Living Room? Not Far Off

Today’s shapes, materials, colors, and appliances have elevated the deck to a living room’s equal. How far can it go? 

Sales Head-Scratcher

What's causing a drop in sales? Here are the most likely causes

Ready for a Recession?

Some economists suggest the U.S. is overdue for a downturn. Here are key steps to take to prepare your company in case they’re right.  

Money in the Gutter

Gutters are often an afterthought for homeowners on roofing or siding projects

This Call May Be Recorded 

You can’t control how the prospect heard about your company, but you can control that first phone interaction

Online and Ready to Buy: the New Sales Landscape

Buying a car used to involve haggling with a salesperson on the dealership lot. Now most car dealers have an online sales department. Is home improvement next? 

One Click Contractor—Step by Step

The goal of this software: collect all of the separate functions essential to home improvement sales in one application

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