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Contractors Embrace Province™ Slate

From California to Minnesota to Florida, contractors are embracing Province™ Slate. Launched a year ago by DaVinci® Roofscapes, the composite single-…

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How to Overcome the ‘That’s Too Much’ Sales Objection

It’s the most common—and for some sales reps, the most difficult—objection to closing business in home improvement, or any industry. Here’s how to respond.

Now Is Solar's Time to Shine

Solar can be a lucrative business for those adept at navigating the politics involved

Sales: One-Leg ‘Policy’ Risks Offense

When it comes to One Spouse appointments, does your company have a policy, a strategy, or a philosophy?

Future Shock: Remodelers, Meet Your Millennial Clients

Remodelers need to get to know the attitudes and ideas of a new generation of homeowners 

Game On: Let the Selling Begin

Sales trainer Chip Doyle weighs in on how remodeling projects are sold today and defines the key parts of the process

Game Changer: New Rules for Remodeling Sales

Recession, demographic shifts, and unlimited data have done a makeover on your customer. You need a new playbook to stay in the game 

Go Ahead Remodelers, Build Your Social Media Presence

Many remodeling companies connect with homeowners via social platforms, but that presence needs to be consistent to have any real impact

Training: Make Every Dollar Count

Spending time and money to train employees may seem like an ancillary expense—until you have to pay the cost of replacing those employees

Early Drone Adopters Wait and See

Lack of clear rules continues to inhibit robotic aircraft use among home improvement companies

Vacation: All I Ever Wanted, All I Ever Needed

Don’t keep putting off that vacation. Instead, plan for it, then do it. Your business and employees will thank you.

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