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Forty Under 40: Vic Sun, Reborn Cabinets

Emphasizing team building and personal fulfillment to bring greater meaning to a call center

April 05, 2017

VP of Client Services

Reborn Cabinets, Anaheim, Calif.

2016 Revenue: $30 million

300 employees

Best Practice: Sun oversees Reborn’s marketing including a large call-center staff mostly made up of Millennials. After extensive study, he’s learned what motivates this demographic and, as a result, 70 percent of Sun's team has been with the company for more than three years. “Millennials want to master things,” he says. “They’re not about money, they’re about fulfillment.” To that end, Sun has created a work culture that celebrates happiness. He emphasizes perpetual learning and enables employees to train in other departments. Rather than focusing on leads or sales, he defines success as, “showing the customer that this is a remarkable experience and you are honored to serve them.” Call-center employees “audition” every month for their role, affirming who they are and why they’re there in a short video they make themselves. About his success, Sun is characteristically modest: “It’s my team,” he says (some of whom are pictured here with Sun). “When we hire someone, they become like family.”

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