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Forty Under 40: Tom Reed, HR Quality Homes

An overriding sense of care for quality craftsmanship prevails, providing a workplace for skilled pros of any age

April 05, 2017

Vice President and Project Manager

HR Quality Homes, Prescott, Ariz.

2016 Revenue: $3 million

6 employees

Best Practice: Fine craftsmanship in the remodeling world is a vanishing art. That’s why Reed places quality construction above all else—even if it costs the company money. One example of his unwavering standards was when he hired a tile setter who did a subpar job. Upon seeing the finished tiling, Reed fired the worker, ripped out the entire bathroom floor, and reset the tile himself to the standard he required. And that client continues to return to HR Quality Homes time and again. Reed isn’t shy about revealing his secret to ensuring the absolute quality in every aspect of his company’s work: He hires experienced professionals, no matter their age. According to Reed, while an older journeyman of some 67 years may not be able to work as quickly as his 20-year-old counterpart, the quality resulting from that older worker’s experience is priceless. Reed also listens to his craftsmen and says he continues to learn amazing tricks from his seasoned team. 

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