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Forty Under 40: Patrick Kelly, Agape Construction Co.

Taking initiative and always seeking to learn from new challenges paves the way for steady advancement and a transition into management

April 05, 2017

Production Manager

Agape Construction Co., Kirkwood, Mo.

2016 Revenue: $7.9 million

32 employees

Best Practice: One thing clearly apparent about Kelly is that he doesn’t wait for people to tell him what to do; he sees what needs to be done and he takes charge. Starting as an apprentice carpenter, Kelly quickly moved up the ladder to become lead carpenter and then production manager. Throughout his career, he’s been able to comprehensively assess a situation and instinctively understand how to make changes to improve that situation for a better outcome. And he sees each challenge as a learning opportunity. During his years moving up in the field of carpentry, Kelly says he always tried to absorb building information, codes, and other tips from more experienced subs willing to share specific details about their trades. He kept his eyes and ears open and was an eager listener willing to learn, which helped pave the way for his move into management, where he focuses on homing in on new systems to help Agape Construction be more efficient and profitable. 

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