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Forty Under 40: Noelle Fouse, JRH Design + Build

A detailed series of checklists, each with a different purpose, ensures that nothing falls through the cracks

April 05, 2017

Interior Designer and Project Manager

JRH Design + Build, Dallas

2016 Revenue: $4.3 million

15 full-time employees

Best Practice: Fouse is exceptionally detail-oriented, and one of her best tools is the checklist: She uses 40 separate checklists during the construction process. The lists were created over several months from production meetings where the team shared items that had been missed on prior jobs as well as details that don’t pertain to every project but should be asked about, regardless. Some lists are used internally, some are for trades, and others are client-facing. One example is the pre-electrical checklist for Fouse and the homeowner. They walk the job together and go over can lights—Are there too many? Too few? Undercounter lighting and plugmolds are discussed, as well as USB ports, charging stations, art lighting, and any existing electrical components that may be causing problems. Are there enough circuits? Do any of them frequently trip? “Our checklists are a great tool and a real wow factor with clients,” Fouse says. 

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