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Forty Under 40: Melissa Kennedy, Meadowlark Builders

Encouraging team members to go beyond their comfort zone has set new standards and achieved fresh triumphs

April 05, 2017

Sales & Design Manager

Meadowlark Builders, Ann Arbor, Mich.

2016 Revenue: $10 million

45 employees

Best Practice: For Kennedy, the key to success is motivating her team to operate at the highest-possible level. And, in keeping with her favorite expression, “Be uncomfortable,” she encourages team members to go beyond their comfort zone to discover firsthand how powerful the human mind is and how they can meet and exceed their potential. This philosophy and drive in part stems from Kennedy’s experience competing in Ironman triathlons, where she pushes her body beyond its normal endurance, and it has permeated her vision of how to build a successful department. But a push to challenge and excel is just one part of Kennedy’s approach. She has also worked to develop her team through heartfelt mentoring, solutions-oriented thinking, and an upbeat, positive attitude. Kennedy believes all designers should approach their work with confidence and fearlessness, and that’s what she encourages in her team with every project every day. 

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