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Forty Under 40: Matt Krol, Matt Krol Construction

Skilled management of staff allows each team member to grow their knowledge and expertise

April 05, 2017


Matt Krol Construction, Erie, Pa.

2016 Revenue: $1.4 million

5 employees

Best Practice: There’s a sweet spot that lies between micro-managing employees and neglecting them, and Krol has found it. He provides his team with enough autonomy so that they feel invested in the company, and he allows them to make the decisions for each project. When a staff member encounters something on which he or she needs Krol’s guidance, rather than simply providing an answer, Krol works with the team member to find a good/better/best solution. This not only solves the problem but also adds to the staff knowledge base for tackling challenges in the future.

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Matt Krol Construction in Erie, Pennsylvania is one of the most innovatove home remodeling contractors in the region.
This recognition is well deserved; kudos to Pro Remodeler for noticing his operation. The services Krol offers, the product he produces and the company he built is top-notch in every aspect. Just look at the remodeling portfolio on their website—the work speaks for itself.

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