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Forty Under 40: Kendal Lenton-Cooney, Lenton Company

Spearheading the modernization of a third-generation remodeling company

April 05, 2017

Production Manager

Lenton Company, Palmdale, Calif.

2016 Revenue: $2 million

11 employees

Best Practice: There’s little that Lenton-Cooney doesn’t know or hasn’t done within the remodeling industry. She started learning the business early at family owned Lenton Company, which was started by her grandfather, and quickly moved into production management, ordering materials and keeping tabs on the production pipeline. Lenton-Cooney continued to impress her coworkers when she took the initiative to start using Buildertrend cloud-based construction management software, which is now ubiquitous throughout the firm. Never afraid of moving her old-line company into the future, Lenton-Cooney then implemented a paperless communications system that allows her, the lead tradesperson, and the firm’s project manager to remotely review all aspects of a job. Still, she likes to keep things simple and easy for clients, so every jobsite has a whiteboard where updates can be recorded and clients can leave messages. 

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