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Forty Under 40: Evan Ratcliff, Key Residential

This Jack of all trades is a master of remodeling, allowing for better solutions

April 05, 2017

Production Manager

Key Residential, Dallas, Texas

2016 Revenue: $2.1 million

5 employees

Best Practice: Ratcliff’s deep understanding of all aspects of construction allows him to find creative solutions for homeowners’ problems. For example, Key Residential had some clients who requested a “pocket doggy door”—a small door that could slide into the wall and restrict their dogs to certain areas, much like a baby gate. The clients asked for a barrier, but also wanted to maintain the historical elegance of their home. Using a drawer guide, Ratcliff created a beautiful pocket doggy door of leaded glass. “The reason I do remodeling instead of new-home construction is that three walls are harder than four,” Ratcliff says. “You have to take what you have and make it work, and I like that challenge.” 

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I'm very impressed by your designs. I would greatly appreciate some guidance on busting thru one central full bath into the Master (what a joke) Bath and thereby combine them into one fabulously large jacuzzi and separate shower stall with 2 commodes bathroom!

If you or your team can help: 214.7..4744 or or ADMIN.HFC@DOOSAN.COM

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