selling a division of your remodeling company to an employee can be good

Selling a division to a trusted employee like Jason DeLong (pictured here) gives peace of mind that your hard work will be in good hands.

You’re ready to sell part of your remodeling business, and an employee is interested in buying. But where do you start?

For longer projects, percent-complete accounting is the best way to track revenue and gross profit

Protect gross profit by regularly comparing estimated to actual costs, line by line

Unpaid invoices and IOU in piggy bank

The best way to manage unpaid invoices is not to incur them to begin with. But that's far easier said than done.

Finance: The Contractor’s Formula to Success for Good Times and Bad

Overhead cost increases during economic growth spurts should be treated as temporary

How to grow remodeling business past 1 million dollars

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Planning your business’s growth is like planning for a remodeling project

The Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity indicates slowing growth in 2015

Courtesy of the Joint Center for Housing Studies

Analysts attribute the projected deflation to weakening home sales last year.

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There’s still time to squeeze in some tax perks for your business before 2015 hits.

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“If a business is not growing it is dying,” says Mark Richardson. 

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There are a few situations when an employee’s commute may be eligible for overtime pay.

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New home construction grew nearly 22 percent in 2014 according to the U.S. News & World Report

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Going to court should be a last resort, unless you’re willing to play a very expensive game of cat and mouse that leaves everyone involved frustrated and further from a resolution.

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As a former remodeling business owner, Shawn McCadden knows how to maximize long-term profitability.

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If $150 seems like a lot for an hour's worth of work, read on to find out how countertop expert Joseph Corlett breaks down the cost.

David Lupberger: Business Exit and Transition Planning

David Lupberger

It’s easy to look several years down the road and think business exiting and transition planning are not a priority. The common sentiment is that you can do it later. The issue I see with most remodeling contractors is they never start transition planning. As such, they are risking their biggest investment.

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