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DeWalt 20V Max Miter Saw

DeWalt's latest offering comes in strong with cordless convenience and excellent build quality 

January 13, 2016
Tool review of the DeWalt 20V Max miter saw

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There are only a few cordless miter saws on the market right now, and the DeWalt 20V Max Miter Saw is the newest. Has DeWalt looked at the competition and brought an even better product to market? That’s what we wanted to find out.

DeWalt decided to go with a 7¼-inch blade. This is a good move, in my opinion, because 7¼-inch blades are more easy to come by, there's a larger variety available, and they are cheaper than the 8½-inch blades that other compact miter saws are using. In addition, the slightly smaller blade is also going to be easier on the motor and make the system more efficient. Plus, if I wanted more cutting depth, I’d probably switch to a 12-inch compound miter saw.

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