Remodelers should forget every city ordinance that requires a certain exterior building material, because they no longer matter

Chaden Halfhill's Silent Rivers Design + Build completely overhauled the home as an example of preserving older, smaller homes.

Remodeler Chaden Halfhill reflects on his greatest goal: to work on projects that bring about change and influence how we build

Energy efficiency retrofits

The economics of energy retrofits are in the news again. How is payback calculated, and are we even asking the right question?

Suggested fix for bad foursquare remodel

A second look at additions that not only failed to improve the existing house, but made it worse—and some suggested fixes

Award-winning remodel, Laughlin Homes & Restoration, Fredericksburg, Texas

Big-budget projects photograph well, but I’m more interested in the work that goes on behind the scenes

Seek thermal imager in use

This simple smartphone accessory offers a handy, affordable way to generate thermal images

Building inspector on the jobsite

Energy efficiency in a home needs to be thought of as one entity rather than independent products  

3-D tools to help visualize a bathroom remodel

The clients want to find better use for the vast expanse of space in this large bathroom. 3-D models and color renderings will help them envision the options

2015 Design Awards

See which projects were the real standouts among this year's wealth of entries, and be inspired

2015 Design Awards Gold winner, Massachusetts, Platt Builders, carriage house

This tasteful, expertly executed carriage house design betrays none of the complexity involved in its creation   

2015 Design Awards winner, Gold, Illinois, Biron Homes & Design, exterior

A façade upgrade maintains the Old World charm and style of this 1929 Tudor

2015 Design Awards, Gold, Michigan, historic renovation, Kramer Management Group/Christman Construction/Granger

A historically accurate restoration undoes the damage done by several previous remodels of this former Lansing Depot for the Grand Trunk Railroad REO Town stop

2015 Design Awards winner, Gold, AMEK Custom Builders, Minnesota, basement remodel

This basement remodel creates an upscale entertainment parlor for watching movies, relaxing with friends, or gathering for family game night

2015 Design Awards, Virginia, Michael Nash Design Build & Home, bathroom remodel

Updates to this bathroom provide a no-threshold shower, better lighting, and more storage to allow the homeowners to age in place

2015 Design Awards winner, California, Arch-Interiors Design Group, tub

A compartmentalized, outdated mid-century-modern master bath opens up 

2015 Design Awards winner, Illinois, Biron Homes & Design, with architect Charles Vincent George Architects, kitchen


All photos: Tim Benson Photography

A traditional-style design updates a 1990s kitchen and reworks traffic flow to accommodate large gatherings

2015 Design Awards winner, Michigan, Kramer Building Co., kitchen

Photos: Amanda Fox/CBI Design Professionals

A growing family gets the living space it needs with the remodel of their colonial revival cottage

2015 Design Awards winner, Delbert Adams Construction with Penza Bailey Architects, exterior

A skillful blending of new with old is what distinguishes this addition to a Dutch colonial

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