Remodelers should forget every city ordinance that requires a certain exterior building material, because they no longer matter

This year, the Chrysalis Awards expands beyond the Southeast and honors remodelers in five regions across the country.

Remodeling and do-it-yourself television programs continue to grow in popularity with homeowners.

When remodelers sell clients, the line between being persuasive and being pushy is wire-thin.

Sunroom remodeling additions synch up with trends in feng shui and retirement living

When helping homeowners customize a home’s exterior, remodelers can easily be overwhelmed by the many styles, colors and products available.

Business Management Nature-inspired shades are the way to go with walls, according to Sherwin-Williams.

Unlike an artist standing before an easel, ready to create a masterpiece from deep within his soul, or a sculptor, ready to chisel away at a creation that will later become his legacy, we are remodelers. We are the 'other craftsmen.'

Time-and-materials contract keeps gross profit on target despite numerous change orders and a final cost nearly double the estimate.

Homeowners love to capture their basement space and turn it into truly usable living space, but the idea of dealing with the damp and the concrete has killed more than a few projects.

Criner Construction puts on a clinic in bath remodeling, smoothly building a profitable project

Working with hardwood in the bathroom, a moisture-filled environment that will expose materials to chemicals, cleansers and humidity, is often avoided by remodelers.

Creating effecting lighting schemes for your kitchen requres more than just the flip of a switch.

When Michael Dent relocated his office and showroom to a rehabbed house, the efficient, high-exposure site was a move that paid off.

Contractors checking out the new materials in local libraries may not ever touch a book or computer.

Selecting exterior designs can be nerve-wracking for both the consumer and the contractor, but it is a decision that will impact the future value of the home.

Skeptics take note: You can teach an old remodeler new tricks. Professional Remodeler’s Model reMODEL introduced state-of-the-art business systems and building technologies in a high-end spec remodeling job

'Consumers are looking for professionals, not price,' says Larry Schaffert, CGR, of Schaffert Construction in Myersville, Md. At the 2000 International Builders Show in Dallas.

High-rise remodels pose unique challenges, not the least of which is finding enough room to expand.

Today's clients want the character and warm feel of older design with the convenience of modern technology.

Although providing homeowners with spectacular views may be the primary goal of window walls, remodelers need to keep in mind the home’s location and the wind pressure…

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