Design: Creating a Brighter, More Efficient Kitchen

A dark, old-fashioned kitchen is transformed into a sleek, bright hub.

April 15, 2015
Design: Creating a Brighter, More Efficient Kitchen

Photo: Hammer and Hand via YouTube

The design-build team at Hammer and Hand transformed a dark, rustic, visually busy kitchen into a sleek, bright, efficient space that serves as a focal point for the homeowner's large family.

They replaced the small, earth-toned tile on the countertops and floor with smooth, gray/white-toned surfaces that are brighter and easier to keep clean. The large, central island holds the sink and provides a work surface where several people can work comfortably together.

The construction crew overcame difficult structural challenges while opening up the space around the range, which had no work surfaces on either side.

Watch their video on YouTube.

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