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December 2008 Product Preview

Product previews for the remodeling industry

November 30, 2008
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A flexible friend

One of Trex’s latest products, Trex Trim, uses the company’s latest in innovative, low-maintenance PVC wood replacement products. The trim pieces are easy to work with and are paintable, routable and bendable — a great option for window/door surrounds, deck trim, soffit, fascia and other trim applications.

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Top dog

Small-scale contractors and woodworkers will like Bench Dog’s ProTop Phenolic Router Table Top. One-piece, ¾-inch-thick phenolic construction produces this ultra-flat, smooth-sliding table that won’t break down. Phenolic’s natural resistance to warping, denting and scratching makes the ProTop incredibly durable.

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A still winter’s eve

Bring a rustic look to your customers with Meyda’s new Winter at Stillwater wall sconce. The fixtures are hand-made from wrought iron with steel roots and trunk. The sconce measures a foot tall by 7½ inches wide and has a steel wall plate with arms that extend out with icicle-like crystals.

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Cozy up to this

Morsø’s new 5660 Std fireplace features a convection system that ensures optimum heat distribution in the room and a large combustion chamber that can take logs of up to 20 inches. The fireplace can pump out a maximum of 50,000 BTUs per hour.

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Tiny tankless

Engineered and manufactured in Germany, the newest member of the Stiebel Eltron family of tankless, on-demand water heaters is the Mini series, designed for low- to medium-flow point-of-use applications. The compact Mini only weighs 3½ pounds and can fit almost anywhere, such as beneath a sink or cabinet.

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Hit the showers

Contractors can use the new Vedana to give their customers five spa-quality care options. Made by Quebec City, Canada- based BainUltra, the unit can be mounted on a shower wall instead of tearing apart everything in sight. The sound therapy option gives users a selection of preprogrammed music as well as the option to plug in an SD card.

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The ol' switcheroo

Time is money, nowhere more so then when it comes to bathroom remodels. Swanstone’s Bathtub Replacement Kit simplifies the process with a kit that contains one shower floor, a bench seat, two dishes, a recessed shelf and a shower wall kit with installation materials. The kit replaces a standard 32- by 60-inch tub.

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Lights in and all around

The Q-Scape by Q-Tran is a complete system of 217 originally designed components that encompasses most fixtures in and around the home. To facilitate multiple connections securely and safely, a triangular in-ground hub box (the injection molded Q-Trix) was designed with a total of 160 cubic inches to allow dozens of wire pairs to be connected.

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Spray away

Duct-sealant maker Hardcast recently introduced the Spray-Seal duct sealant specially made for spray applications on the job site. Working in conjunction with the Hardcast Mobile Duct Sealant Delivery System, it provides enhanced performance for virtually every duct sealant application.

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Seal those stone countertops, people! DuPont’s StoneTech Professional Natural Stone Countertop Sealer combines the company’s BulletProof technology with the convenience of a spray dispenser to deliver superior protection against water- and oil-based stains while preserving the natural look of the stone.

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Sealed up like sardines

Specialty Construction Brands’ LiquiDam Penetrating Moisture Vapor Barrier is the latest addition to its TEC family of installation products. The LiquiDam is a two-part, 100-percent solid-based epoxy that reduces moisture vapor transmission from damp concrete by creating a barrier between the substrate and the floor.

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The sensitive type

DriTac Flooring Products has a new pressure-sensitive adhesive for professional wood and cork flooring installations in the Eco-6200GR Green Pressure Sensitive Wood Flooring Adhesive. The 6200GR contains zero VOCs and zero solvents; is easy to spread; and has excellent bond strength for wood and cork flooring installations.

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Sealing on the nano-level

If you want deck sealant on a nanotech level, research SEI Chemical’s SCS-100 Wood Deck Sealer. Made in natural and tinted formulations, the sealer has a high degree of water repellency, faster surface dry times and long-term performance. The nanoparticulate-based formula doesn’t allow moisture to hold a wet edge.

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A concrete facelift

It’s going to be a rough winter in most parts of the country. Prepare with ProSpec’s Concrete Resurfacer. ProSpec, a part of Bonsal American, made the Resurfacer with a corrosion inhibitor for surface renewal of old or worn concrete, including concrete structures exposed to de-icing salts.

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Demonstrating levelheadedness

Get your floors done nice and level the first time with Sakrete’s B-1 Trowel Grade Leveler. The underlayment is polymer-modified and cement-based and is designed for a variety of surfaces including concrete, cementitious backer board, exterior grade plywood and embossed vinyl tile. B-1 may be covered with asphalt, tile, vinyl flooring, carpet or wood flooring.

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No, not Microsoft

Sherwin-Williams’ Loxon XP isn’t a new Microsoft application. It’s a direct-to-concrete and masonry high-build coating that goes on without priming. The Loxon XP provides resistance to the elements. For best results, this product should be applied at a minimum of 14–18 wft (wet film thickness) and 6.4–8.3 mils dft (dry film thickness).

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Your tool belt will never be the same

Dremel’s unique new Multi-Max Oscillating Tool System is a compact yet full-featured multitasking tool. This handy little guy moves from side to side at high speeds in 3-degree arcs to undertake a variety of tasks, from sanding and cutting to scraping and grinding. The Multi-Max has 12 different accessories.

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Fair and balanced

You and your crews will appreciate the lighter frame and exceptional balance on Metabo’s SE2800 screwdriver. The screwdriver’s ergonomically designed shell houses a heavy-duty forward and reverse running motor featuring up to 106 inch-pounds of tightening torque suitable for driving up to No. 8 tek screws into metal or up to No. 14 wood screws.

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Nailed it

Magnesium makes everything smaller and lighter, from car parts to power tools. Senco recently made two new nailers and a stapler out of the metal in the FinishPro line. Perfect for cabinets, small assemblies and more, the SLS18Mg 18-gauge stapler (shown) features increased durability and is lightweight, making it perfect for extended use in tight conditions.

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Break on through

The new RS35 by Bosch is made for the heavy work — demo crews, plumbers and remodelers will get consistent high-powered cutting every time. A 15-amp motor and the company’s Constant Response circuitry with variable speed control maintain power. The adjustable aggressive orbital action provides superior cutting performance over a broad range of materials.

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Safety first

OLFA’s SK-9’s self-retracting mechanism retracts the instant the blade loses contact with a cutting surface. The handy tape slitter at the opposite end of the handle adds extra functionality whether for cutting tape, tucking cartons or working as a screwdriver, staple remover and more. This new addition to your tool belt will be available in first quarter 2009.

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Now your crews can argue over who’s the fastest draw with DeWalt’s new ½-inch heavy-duty drills, models DWD215G and DWD210G. The drills are equipped with a high-performance 10-amp motor. The new motor design has approximately 40 percent more copper than previous models at the same motor size, offering users up to 50 percent more power, more torque, and 0-1,200 RPM.

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Laser light show

Hilti wants you to know that you’ll only need one laser tool for a wide range of alignment and setting out tasks — checking plumbs, leveling, setting out right angles or transferring points — because the PMC 36 does everything a point laser and line laser can in one. It projects five easily visible points and two reference lines at the touch of a button.

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The light of my life

Spotlights are great, but they’re not the most versatile things. Enter Stanley’s 3-in-1 Tripod LED Flashlight, a union of three removable lights. Each generates 20 lumens of directional lighting; the multi-directional heads rotate up to 120 degrees and generate a precision spot beam, while the hexagonal bodies allow for five different positions.

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