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Customer financing that’s a competitive advantage.

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Customer financing that’s a competitive advantage.

Learn how the Wells Fargo Home Projects® program helps Closets by Design increase job sizes and build their bottom line. 

September 27, 2022
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Wells Fargo’s quick credit decisions mean clients don’t have to wait to start their home improvement project.

Customer Testimonial: 
We reached out to J.B. Braun, Regional Sales Manager at Closets by Design in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to find out why his team chose the Wells Fargo Home Projects® credit card program for their customer financing needs, and how the program has helped Closets by Design grow their business.

What first drew you to the Wells Fargo Home Projects® program? 
For Closets by Design, the choice of a financing provider came down to reputation, stability, and strength. “Wells Fargo is a trusted brand, and our clients know they will be taken care of,” J.B. said. Plus, the backing of a proven provider like Wells Fargo means that the Closets by Design team can offer more for their clients while building their bottom line. “Having a relationship with Wells Fargo,” J.B. continued, “gives us the ability to better serve our clients by having more options for payment, and better serve our team by creating opportunities for more sales and larger job sizes.” 

How does the Wells Fargo Home Projects® program help your team close more sales? 
Wells Fargo’s easy online application process1 and quick credit decisions mean that the Closets by Design team can offer financing to their clients early in the sales process — which can be a real competitive advantage in the marketplace. “We offer a complimentary in-home consultation, and many of our sales occur on the first visit to the client’s home,” J.B. said. “The online application and quick credit decision allow our team to know precisely how to move forward with the client without creating additional barriers and unnecessary follow-up appointments.” 

That efficiency isn’t just great for J.B. and his team — their clients benefit from it too. “Our clients love it,” he continued. “They can secure an installation date immediately and start preparing for their home improvement project.”

A man standing in front of a bookshelf and lamp in his home, entering information on a tablet.

You mentioned the online application. How has going paperless2 worked for your team? 
“We love the paperless application,” J.B. said. “People are often intimidated by financing paperwork, but having a site like this that is so user-friendly allows our team to feel completely comfortable offering financing to everyone.”

Have you found that offering financing has impacted the size of your clients’ projects or the types of products they choose? 
The strong approval rates and competitive credit limits offered by the Wells Fargo Home Projects® program have been a boost to the bottom line for Closets by Design. “Our average approval with Wells Fargo financing is higher than our average sale,” J.B. explained, “which gives us an enormous opportunity to increase job sizes and offer clients more of our high-end product lines. Wells Fargo financing allows our clients to truly get the product that they want.”

The Closets by Design team also knows that they can count on Wells Fargo to deliver a positive experience for their clients after the sale. “Since all of the communication is handled by Wells Fargo after our installation,” he said, “we know we have a strong team behind us ready to serve our clients.”

You’ve talked about how Wells Fargo supports your clients. What about their support for your business and your team? 
For Closets by Design, it was important that they have a financing provider that was a true partner in their business — and they get that from the Wells Fargo Home Projects® program. “I can't speak highly enough of our Wells Fargo relationship representative,” J.B. said. “He is phenomenal to work with — direct, responsive, knowledgeable, and so pleasant. He is always able to get us assistance very quickly and continually offers ideas and tips to help us support our team and expand our opportunities with Wells Fargo.”

Talk to the Wells Fargo Home Projects® team today to learn how they can help grow your business. 

Contact us: 
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1. This process requires an internet connection. Please ensure your device is able to connect to the internet using your own data package. This process does not include a Notice of Right to Cancel. If you conduct business outside of your normal place of business (e.g., consumer home, fair, trade show, expo, etc.), you’re still required to notify your customers of their rights.
2. Paper applications and invoices must continue to be available for those customers who do not agree to receive the terms and conditions electronically.

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