Culture: Parking Nightmares Lead to Vandalism in Boston

Drivers who ignore "space savers" are causing violent reactions in some snowed-under Boston neighborhoods. One resident took pen in hand to calm flaring tempers.

February 27, 2015

With several feet of snow on the ground, people in Boston are spending a lot of time shoveling their cars out so they can get where they need to go without putting on skis, but neighbors aren't complying with the "dibs" rule, leading to vandalism in several of the city's neighborhoods.
According to Vox, once people dig their cars out, they’re putting “space savers” in their spots so that others don’t take advantage of the work they just did. However, some spaces are being stolen and neighbors are reacting by destroying windshields and tires. One concerned citizen posted a sign reminding the city that spring is just around the corner and hoping to change the negativity back to positivity.
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