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<h1>Construction Quality</h1><p class="vocab-desc">A compilation of HousingZone's articles, surveys, ideas, trends, and tips on construction quality for residential builders, remodelers, and architects serving the residential construction industry.</p>

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6 Must-Knows for Installing Pocket Doors

Save your sanity: Do it right the first time

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How to Slip Peel-and-Stick Roof Membrane Under Existing Step Flashing

The trick is to use narrow strips of membrane and a triangular stick

First, Do No Harm

Did the homeowners insist on their misguided vision, or were the remodelers simply clueless to the harm they were inflicting?

Attention California Contractors

Start familiarizing yourself with solar, California remodelers

How to Scribe Wood to Brick

Tips for making a perfect joint where wood meets brick or other irregular surfaces

Salvage, Recycle, Save Money, Save the World

Remodeler Steve Pallrand imparts invaluable insights on salvaging materials and saving his clients thousands, while saving the planet  

Why Remodeling?

When times get tough, it helps to remember what’s good about the industry

How to Custom Bend Window Drip Cap Flashing

These simple folds keep bulk water from flowing off the sides of metal window flashing and soaking the joint where the siding meets the casing 

Toss and Catch

The larger the management team, the more latency there is in the network. Success depends  on the people, the systems they use, and how often they use them.

A New Showroom

A leading remodeler discusses the planning that went into the company’s new showroom

Punch Out the Punch-list

7 rules for creating zero punch-list remodeling jobs

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