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Construction Practices

Articles, surveys, ideas, trends, and tips on best practices for residential builders, remodelers, and architects serving the residential construction industry.

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Webinar: Project and Trade Management Musts—The New American Remodel 2023

Access the webinar here to learn project and trade management lessons from The New American Remodel 2023

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Balanced Ventilation

In a tightly air-sealed house, a mechanical ventilation system ensures a healthy exchange of fresh air

TNAR: A Strong Finish

The New American Remodeled home’s interior shows off the latest products and technologies

Lighting: Theory Meets Practice

Real-world footcandle readings shine a light on the importance of recessed fixture size, lamp type, and fixture location

Worth Understanding

Many remodelers don’t know how to talk about chemical sensitivity

Is It Yes Or No?

He found out that asking for the sale was a lot easier when it followed all the other steps in the selling system.

Something’s Wrong With This Window

Service issues are a touchy but inevitable part of the window replacement business.

For Consistent Sales, Try Consistent Presentations

Grow your team by cloning your best salesperson

Moisture Management With Drywall

How to prevent moisture damage in residential and commercial bathrooms

Makeup Air

When a balloon loses air or depressurizes, it gets smaller (and makes a funny sound), but houses don’t roll like that 

Preventing Shower Leaks

Most shower leaks occur at curbs, corners and drains. Building redundancy into the system reduces the risk.

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