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CBI Design Professionals

2017 Design Award Winner: Whole-House over $750,000

September 05, 2017
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"Fine craftsmanship––the addition looks as though it's always been part of the home." 

CBI Design Professionals, Bloomfield Hills, Mich. 

Remodeler: Doyle Mosher

Architect: Robert Clarke

Interior Design: Jill Schumacher

Photographer: Beth Singer

For the addition, exterior brick detailing, cornice and rake molding, and integrated gutters were all used to mirror that of the existing house. The fine detailing and craftsmanship on the interior was also replicated in the new and renovated spaces to ensure design continuity. 

During the initial spatial analysis, it was difficult to determine logical centerlines. So, during the renovation of existing spaces and the building of new, rooms were pushed and pulled so that centerlines could be better established and room proportions could be better addressed to support their intended function. 

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