CBI Design Professionals

2017 Design Award Winner: Residential Interior over $100,000

September 06, 2017

"Great use of space in all areas: Textures, focal points, lighting...the list goes on."

CBI Design Professionals, Bloomfield Hills, Mich. 

Remodeler: Doyle Mosher

Architect: Robert Clarke

Interior Designer: Jill Schumacher

Photographer: Beth Singer

The home was full of fine detailing and craftsmanship but had a poor layout for a growing family that enjoys entertaining. The design team created new spaces and renovated interiors with the goal of making them feel as if they were part of the original structure. 

The living area (above) was planned with a strong centerline. This allowed a statement painting to be placed directly across from the new fireplace.

A sunlit hallway utilizes brick flooring for a stately yet warm look.


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