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An idea that went from crazy to genious in 16 games

sales disconnect

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If prospects allow interruptions to disrupt the sales presentation, it may be that they’re not taking you seriously. Time to be proactive.

Changing your lead model from outbound to inbound will make life a lot easier. But it’s all about digital

Closet purge in preparation for an upcoming remodel? Here's just the thing for clients cleaning up before their project begins

Small Business Health Care Relief Act passes House

Source: Joint Center for Housing Studies

Key factors include a healthier housing market, rising prices

staff training

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As competition for workers intensifies, home improvement companies direct more efforts to training

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The home services platform adds several new features

Today, your real competition isn’t the other remodelers, builders, or designers in your area; your real competitor is the homeowner

remodelers and the new overtime regulations

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On May 18, 2016, the Department of Labor redefined the Fair Labor Standards Act’s overtime threshold

all roads lead to your website

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Like it or not, your website plays a key role in your marketing. Maximize its impact with these tips

how to hit your marketing target

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If your marketing isn't delivering the results you expected, here's what you can do about it

Many home improvement business owners reaching a key growth stage will consider if, when, and how, to engage someone else to run their company

Be careful not to run afoul of federal cooling-off regulations

Homeowners don’t expect all that much from exterior contractors. That’s your opportunity.

Tattoo on bicep

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Home improvement companies share secrets of success for recruiting young sales talent

The greater the effort made to prepare new hires for their job, the more likely it is that they will succeed

For a business owner or leader, midyear is an ideal time to replan, revise, and regroup

Photo: Dan Morrison

Photo: Dan Morrison

Held fast in the grip of an ongoing shortage of workers, the remodeling industry is embarking on a series of initiatives to combat the problem

Kayleen McCabe, host of DIY Network’s Renovation Nation

Kayleen McCabe, host of DIY Network’s Renovation Nation. Photo: courtesy Kayleen McCabe

How Kayleen McCabe is doing her part to address the labor shortage in construction


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If you're threatened with a lawsuit, what you do—and don't do—matters

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