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Facebook rolls out two updates worth your attention 

Direct mail vs email marketing. Photo: Flickr user RaHul Rodriguez (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Flickr user RaHul Rodriguez (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Experts say email marketing has, or will, supplant traditional direct mail—a key component in the marketing program of many home improvement companies

Online sales are heating up for some home improvement companies

Photo: Pixabay

While a few home improvement companies look to find a way to bypass the in-home sales appointment, one—Zen Windows—already has

Erika Taylor, chief of content for Professional Remodeler

Virtually every group representing businesses, including the NAHB, opposes the Department of Labor's new rules regarding who is exempt from overtime pay 

Hey Mr. Sales Rep, what do you have in the trunk of your car? Let’s hope it’s nothing more than a spare tire.

Professional Remodler contributor Mark Richardson

When applied to employee personalities and skills, any organization needs the right blend of both types

Keeping up with online lead gen requires continuous attention. Photo: flickr user Foxcroft Academy, CC BY 2.0

Photo: flickr user Foxcroft Academy, CC BY 2.0

Online may be a major lead source for home improvement companies, but keeping up with it requires continuous effort and attention

How to handle unhappy customers; photo: flickr user Mark Mulligan

Photo: flickr user Mark Mulligan (CC BY 2.0)

The way a business handles complaints is a litmus test of company culture. How does yours fare? 

MIke Damora gets a dose of sales karma in Atlantic City

For this former one-call closer, what goes around comes around

The Net Promoter Score is still a relevant, useful metric

It's now 10 years since Fred Reichheld introduced the concept of the Net Promoter Score, but it's as relevant as ever

Belief echoes' have the ability to affect people’s attitudes

How belief echoes can affect people’s attitudes even when they know something is false

To keep your business relevant, it must be changing.

While it isn't always possible to predict exactly how things will change, it is important to make the inevitability of change an integral part of your business strategy  

New Outlooks Construction creates a data-driven marketing plan

Image: Flickr user dirkcuys, CC BY-SA 2.0

How one remodeling company is making marketing decisions based on lifetime customer value

List of contract basics for home remodeling contractors

Image: Flickr user StockMonkeys.comCC BY 2.0

To avoid misunderstandings, include these basics in your contracts

broken heart candy represents Mike Damora breaking up with Angie's list lead generation

Photo: Flickr user Jackie Fritsche, CC BY 2.0

How a great relationship began to unravel from neglect

How to inform homeowners about the competition fairly

Photo: Pixabay

The question of other contractors, and particularly competitors, may come up during a sales call. Don’t let the subject be a button-pusher.

Not all remodeling tasks should be paid the same hourly rate.

Photo: courtesy Case Design Remodeling, Bethesda, Md.

Here’s a quick, easy system to see if you’re delegating the right tasks

Homeowner thinks price of remodeling work is too high, looks shocked

Photo: Pixabay

It’s the most common—and for some sales reps, the most difficult—objection to closing business in home improvement, or any industry. Here’s how to respond.

Management: Keep It Clear and Simple, In Business, PR April 2016

Photo: Pixabay

Three essentials to ensure clear, factual, and detailed paperwork for remodeling projects

Homeowner desire trumps price in remodeling PR April 2016    

Photo: Pixabay

Desire—a strong want fueled by emotions—controls what we buy, from whom, and how much we’ll spend. Boost your sales by tapping homeowner desire

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