Use these guidelines to change your approach to work 

is the better business bureau, a home for remodelers, failing or not

The Better Business Bureau is striving to stay relevant 

Next time you're reluctant to ask a prospect about budget, remember: It isn’t just about you

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Small-business burnout is common, and the contracting business is especially vulnerable

Small roof repairs can lead to bigger, more lucrative, jobs for roofing contractors

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For some roofing companies, 'customer for life' starts with a timely repair

A millennial representing cultural shift

A changing of America's cultural tide

Medical treatment and lost wages ... When someone working on a roof falls and is injured, there's a price to pay

How can smaller companies participate in the cultural shift that's going on?

Writing things down doesn’t just help us remember, it makes us more efficient because we are less likely to duplicate our efforts

These six habits are practiced, in one form or another, by almost all successful people

Working with more than one vendor has its advantages

If you insist that husband and wife have to be there, some homeowners will start to disconnect

Space clearing tools that Mina Fies uses at Synergy Design & Construction

How the daughter of a hippie truck driver teamed up with a guy who loves spreadsheets to change the remodeling experience 

Call center workers at desks

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Reborn Cabinets uses a clear, well-defined sales system, and its call center reaps the rewards

Once a job taken for granted, the window installer today is seen as key to the operation

Effective strategies for making the most of your time

Small businesses are hit more frequently by embezzlement, and often with more serious consequences

Homeadvisor acquires Angie's List

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There is big potential here for remodelers, so says HomeAdvisor

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The state is taking steps to combat the labor shortage

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