Successfully managing people involves acquiring a cluster of skills. These can be learned.

Five decidedly unexciting tips for a stronger financial return, better client experience, and less stress on your organization

Rising costs


Regular and sometimes steep increases in the cost of materials are a fact of life in residential construction. Too bad homeowners don’t know it.

If you’re not thinking about technology for your business now, you may soon be playing catch-up with customers

For older clients, bring in an occupational therapist who understands home modifications to act as a design consultant.

Adaptive home modifications for older clients can be a satisfying and profitable niche. But it’s not for everyone.

As with a hospital stay, even a good remodeling outcome can’t overcome a bad experience

Deckorators Deck Visualizer is a tool for professional remodelers

A range of updates and improvements add to the power of this 3-D visualizing app

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When making decisions, it's important to balance gut feelings with facts and figures

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Success habits like being on time don't require skill or practice, they just need the right mindset

CoConstruct does a lot of things, California remodeler Paul Paniagua has found, the most impressive of which is helping him run his business

NARI recognizes a stand-out business as well as one of its most decorated members

New siding can boost a home's curb appeal

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How do you sell a homeowner something they’re not even sure they really want? Dress it up.

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Creating a successful internship program for your company is all about creating a process, including managing it

The best way to turn web visitors into leads is to not try too hard

The writing on the wall says that word-of-mouth referrals are losing their relevance

The last step in your hiring process may prove to be the most crucial

Ask yourself: Which customer demographics are growing for your company? And is your marketing keeping pace?

At home shows, you have heavy competition. Here's a plan to maximize the leads you generate.

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