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Facebook rolls out two updates worth your attention 

When business succession plans don't pan out as expected

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Some economists suggest the U.S. is overdue for a downturn. Here are key steps to take to prepare your company in case they’re right.  

With the right customer base, newspaper ads still bring in leads 

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How to win over this demographic and become the aging-in-place expert in your market

Betting on the success of an app for contractors that lets homeowners qualify for loans

The trend toward more frequent, more subjective employee appraisals begs the question: What should you be measuring?

Why it's so hard for remodelers to talk about money, and tips for getting over it 

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You can’t control how the prospect heard about your company, but you can control that first phone interaction

One bold prediction says that in the next five years, half of exterior replacement sales will be completed remotely

Online remodeling sales are gaining traction with consumers

Buying a car used to involve haggling with a salesperson on the dealership lot. Now most car dealers have an online sales department. Is home improvement next? 

The whys and hows of using storytelling to emotionally connect with homeowners 

The goal of this software: collect all of the separate functions essential to home improvement sales in one application

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Industry associations are taking direct action to help alleviate the labor shortage

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You might not think your sales methodology is “hard sell,” but consumers may see it that way

What homeowners want to know today is why your product is worth their money. The rest is baloney.

Go Granny video

Opening screen of 2011 Network Solutions "Go Granny" video

Optimism is at an eight-year high, Wells Fargo survey finds

People are your company's greatest asset—an asset that requires close attention and a strategic focus 

With more and more manufacturers promising windows that last a lifetime, window replacement contractors are often choosing to follow suit

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