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A compilation of business news, trends, and surveys on customer satisfaction, financials, human resources, marketing, and sales.

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A New Opportunity

One-on-one expert business consulting is valuable... especially if it's free

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Tooling Around—Why Early Adopters Have the Upper Hand

As technology innovations proliferate, those who use them first will win

Window Sales and the Art of the Partial

When it comes to selling windows, some companies believe something is better than nothing

To Be or Not to Be … on Facebook

Contractor attitudes toward the social media giant vary from enthusiastic to dismissive

Construction Project Bids: Transparency and the Numbers Game

On home improvement estimates, feeling ripped off, and transparency

Can You Recover Your Legal Fees?

Maybe, depending on circumstances

What Things Cost—Home Improvement Sales Are Retail-ish

When it comes to selling, home improvement is a retail business, with one important difference

Reap the Benefits of a Clear Org Chart and Job Descriptions

This is one way for remodelers to streamline operations and align expectations—just make sure you provide enough detail

Remodeling Pricing: From Opaque to Clear

Four remodeling industry veterans’ thoughts on transparency

Paper Tiger or Sleeping Giant: The Birth of ANGI Homeservices

A $500 million merger aimed at stomping out the relevance of friends and family referrals

The 7 Yeses—Prequalify Prospects in a Single Phone Call

The prequalifying conversation is essential to prevent remodelers from wasting valuable time

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