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A compilation of business news, trends, and surveys on customer satisfaction, financials, human resources, marketing, and sales.

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A Letter to Your Clients: 10 Ways to be a World-Class Client

Mark Richardson flips the script, offering insights into what makes a good client and ways remodelers can help

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Can Survey Plans Be Copyrighted?

Are surveyor’s drawings entitled to the same protections as an architect’s blueprints? That depends.

A Forty Under 40 Team-Up

A tale of two young entrepreneurs 

Brian Elias Discusses the Strategy for Selling His Business

A look at the strategies that went into the sale of 1-800-Hansons

Writing Specs Right

Project specification documents have a big impact on a remodeler’s profit. Follow these guidelines to make sure they’re detailed, clear, and accurate. 

Remodeling Pros Share Lessons Learned

Social media, a tight job market, and advancing technology give remodelers cause to rethink their companies’ adaptability

Sexism and Remodeling

Until we rehabilitate our industry’s sexist reputation, it will be hard to attract women to our vocation

Design/Build Process in a Simple Diagram

Meadowlark Design + Build uses this clear graphic to bring homeowners up to speed on what's involved in a remodeling project

The Number You Have Dialed Is No Longer in Service

Homeowners are often shocked to discover that the roofing company that installed their new roof or repaired their old one is out of business

11 Handy Apps for Remodelers to Boost Efficiency

From tracking time to organizing jobs to finding inspiration, these apps belong in your digital toolbox

Read the Signs to Flag Problem Clients Early

How to spot the telltale signs that a client is going to cause trouble 

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