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A compilation of business news, trends, and surveys on customer satisfaction, financials, human resources, marketing, and sales.

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A Stressful Purchase

How should remodelers react when consumers get scared?

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Setting Siding Standards

Set yourself up for successful siding jobs by prepping customers from the start

The Home Depot Downsizes Exterior Installation Services

Perhaps more a statement on the industry than Home Depot

The Canary Signs

10 indicators that show remodelers current and future market conditions 

Taking On A Challenge

Increasing the size and price point of your projects can improve your company’s revenue and reputation

Process Trumps Products for Window Customers

Window veterans reflect on the industry's long-term changes

Think Twice Before Filtering Reviews

Google updated its rules this spring to prohibit review gating, the practice of screening negative reviews to manipulate company ratings

2019 Remodeling Predictions

Understanding these changes in the market will help you position your business

A Case for an Italian Tile Show

The annual Bologna-based trade show is the perfect place for American remodelers to learn what it is to work with Italian Ceramic Tiles.

Give Homeowners the Service They Least Expect

How to turn the industry's negative reputation into your company's bottom-line results

Contractors, Watch Your Cash

Seasonality, cycle time, weather, and other variables make cash flow management a challenge for home improvement contractors

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