Meet the Executive Committee of NARI's Board of Directors for the 2020 – 2021 service year

A company''''s mission statement goes a long way toward telling the outside world what that company wants to do.

Labor, labor, labor. Ever tire of hearing the refrain? As the crescendo builds, some remodelers are taking action instead of adding their complaints to the din.

Field laptops must perform different functions than their office counterparts.

People are often asked, 'How did you get into business?' Many times, it’s surprising to find out it all happened by accident.

Workplace drug abuse costs U.S. businesses more than $100 billion each year in lost productivity, and higher healthcare and workers’ compensation costs

Demand has been building, and now Owens Construction is ready to attack the market.

The Net will bring the industry together through 'virtual consolidation.'

Rosie Romero runs one of the most profitable and recognizable remodeling firms in Arizona, but last year a drop-off in sales revenue threatened the company's long-term plans for growth

A sales downturn can kill a remodeling business, but Legacy Custom Builders puts prudent planning and disciplined cash management to work just for such times

Networking--it's the best way to get ahead in business. So it's no surprise that more remodelers are joining networking groups to boost their businesses.

Randy Grimes and Gary Aaron of Custom Vinyl Contractors wanted an alternative to traditional advertising to market their vinyl-deck system.

Satisfying work and a fulfilling family life are the brass rings that people strive for, but often the demands of running a business and the stress of everyday life make them seem like unreachable goals.

Becoming a Certified Graduate Remodelor (CGR) offers a significant marketing advantage, say those who have been certified.

What began as a clients' online chronicle of their home improvement project became an e-tool for a Wisconsin remodeler.

Late in 1997, Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth, laid down a challenge to a group of remodelers attending a networking conference.

Customer satisfaction links directly to communication, says Bob Bell, CGR. If communication is effective, the client should come away satisfied; if it’s ineffective, even a perfect job won’t leave the client happy.

With RemodelAmerica scheduled for this month, we asked remodeler Jim Strite, CR, CGR, president of Design + Remodel, Boise, Idaho, about trade show attendance.

Business Management Jane Applegate’s book, '201 Great Ideas for your Small Business,' offers savvy suggestions for business owners.

The old saying that life is run at a fast pace never was so true as it is today.

'You have to be vigilant when you run a family business,' says one Northeastern remodeler.

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