Growth in volume measures growth in transactions, but no one goes into business just to maximize transactions 

Now that you've discovered dozens of Web sites that interest you--for both business and personal reasons--how do you keep on top of the moving pile?

Last week, we talked about HousingZone project and development manager Todd Shraiberg’s idea that the new home builder will be capturing e-commerce through the use of community intranets.

Scott Gregor’s company, Master Plan Construction had worked with Kitchens of Distinctions for almost 10 years, turning to the design showroom for kitchen expertise and partnering on several remodels.

Remodelers, as with most entrepreneurs, often have children interested in the business. Some children have no interest, although that may change later in their lives. In either case, owners with children never stop thinking about succession.

Strategic plans are often compared to roadmaps, guiding a company to its destination. What makes a strategic plan successful, however, isn’t the journey. It’s the destination.

Effective use of the Internet is no longer a helpful perk--it's a necessary business tool. Spin your own Web by learning to search the Internet efficiently and hone in quickly on the information you need.

Rod Sutton discusses the process of selecting a facilities planner for his local high school's renovation project.

Help your clients understand how to maintain the investment in a completed project.

Handing your clients a completion binder at the end of a project conveys professionalism and ensures repeat business.

Larry Schaffert, CGR, discusses membership to the Remodelers Council.

In general, remodelers have to overcome an image problem. Unethical remodelers are one of the largest sources of complaints registered with the Better Business Bureau.

Supplemental spreadsheets fill a software void and create a dynamic tool for Derek Reijnen.

For Deck America, traditional marketing is simply a prospecting game: gather names, addresses and phone numbers and set up visits to the home.

As schools let out in May and June, remodelers often tap the wealth of high school graduates, who are looking for their first full-time job, for additional labor.

Paul Sullivan, CGR, president of the Sullivan Co. Inc. in Newton, Mass., has taken advantage of May as National Remodeling Month by showering his clients with information in April.

If you’re operating on a limited budget, the Yellow Pages may be your company’s primary advertising vehicle.

To stay competitive in the tight job market, more remodelers are offering retirement benefits.

If you’ve been reading the series on e-construction written by HousingZone’s project and development manager, Todd Shraiberg, you may be wondering how the remodeler will fit into this brave new world. It’s pretty heady stuff.

The most technically advanced student won't last long in the workplace without interpersonal skills and an understanding of the importance of teamwork.

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