Meet the Executive Committee of NARI's Board of Directors for the 2020 – 2021 service year

A hot market causes trade contractor problems for a Houston remodeler, but he saves the project and betters the company’s systems as a result.

Remodelers who understand remodeling quality know that it’s much more than excellence in construction.

Since winning the National Remodeling Quality Award five years ago, Neil Kelly in Portland, Ore., has been listed as one of the best companies to work for in Oregon and has been given a local Better Business Bureau award.

The Bainbridge Crew of Charlotte, N.C., earned $7 million last year and plans to surpass that amount in 2000.

Communication between remodeler and customer is made easy with Dear Homeowner: A Book of Customer Service Letters, by Carol Smith.

The U.S. Census Bureau has made substantial upward revisions dating back to 1984 to its C-50 data series, Expenditures for Improvements and Repairs of Residential Properties.

For quick answers to tax questions, the IRS offers online advice targeted to smaller businesses.

What is it about the $140 billion-a-year remodeling industry that keeps it from being acknowledged as a premier business?

When Bob Fry found himself short on subcontractors to get through a busy work period, he added more labor in an unusual way -- he purchased it.

Union labor enables St. Louis-area remodelers to find skilled and reliable help at rates slightly higher than nonunion workers cost in the area.

Deck America’s in-home sales strategy is a bit different from other remodelers. Dan Betts, president of the Woodbridge, Va.-based company, has put together a 14-step method that spells out exactly how its sales agents should tackle the sales call.

The average workweek put in by most business owners easily tops 50 or more hours, taking time from family and personal priorities. Yet even remodelers can work from home, helping balance all their needs.

Owning a small business can be a rewarding but often exhausting venture. Grueling hours and unrelenting stress are par for the course, but the possible payoffs -- increased profits, autonomy and flexibility -- keep many company owners plugging away.

After nearly three years of conversation, Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies and the NAHB have convinced the Census Bureau that the remodeling market is indeed undervalued.

In a time of massive technological change in the trade industries, vocational-technical education programs can be a source of new labor for remodelers. Vo-tech students are not slackers who want to avoid mathematics, science and English at all costs.

Time flies in the remodeling industry. Finding time for family and relaxation is difficult enough for most remodelers, so it's no surprise that many professionals claim they don't have the minutes to spare for participation in local trade associations....

For Mike Shumate, CGR, of Carlsbad, Calif.-based Complete Design & Remodeling, good advertising isn’t about finding people who might be interested in his business -- it’s about finding business he wants.

Cool autumn days approach, and many remodelers have yet to enjoy the sensations of summer. Instead, 60 hours at work is a 'light' week. Next year, don’t be stuck in the office while others head for vacation destinations.

Females could alleviate shortage of workers.

What concerns you most about your business? Labor shortfalls? Rising costs? Computerizing business operations? Practical uses for the Web in your business?

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