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BREAKING: NARI "Terminates" Chapter Agreement with NARI Metro DC

NARI's National Board of Directors has delivered a 60-day notice to NARI Metro DC that its chapter agreement would be "terminated" 

May 21, 2021

NARI Metro DC was today delivered notice that two days ago the association's National Board of Directors voted to "terminate" its "chapter agreement"  for what the Board had "determined" was an inabilitly on the part of chapter leadership to "maintain a positive and productive working relationship with NARI National."

In its letter, signed by current National President Dennis Gehman, the Board states its expectation that the chapter will "discontinue any use of reference to the NARI name, logo, NARI collateral, and all NARI published or copyrighted materials." It goes on to request that the chapter deliver its "membership roster, including all contact information promptly." 

The notice's final paragraph outlines National's plan to "convert" all current Metro DC chapter members to At-Large members, adding that it will be at "no additional charge to them." Members that remain affiliated with NARI National can expect to, as the letter explains, "receive benefits from NARI National until their expire date of January 1, 2022, after which membership renewal will be offered." 

As of the writing of this article, NARI National had not responded to a request for comment. The association's decision to disaffiliate the Metro DC chapter appears to run counter to previous statements NARI provided regarding a misaddressed email sent by Board Chairman Doug King that discussed possible "motions and votes to dissolve chapters." In its statement, NARI claimed, "the views expressed were solely those of an individual and do not reflect the views or direction of the NARI Board."

When asked if his chapter had been notified of the Board's intention to hold the vote, NARI Metro DC President Michael Sauri responded, "no." As a Board member himself, Sauri would've have typically had a say in making such a decision, but claimed he was recused. "I’ve been recused from five board meetings forcibly due to what they refer to as 'conflict of interest,'" he explained. 

Word From NARI Metro DC 

In reaction to the notice, Sauri today published a video announcing while denonouncing National's decision to members. Sauri challenges the Board's reasons for termination, saying, "The simple truth is that they have rebuffed and refused multiple asks to meet, to discuss, to come together." Sauri indicated the chapter intends to continue serving its members.  

NARI Metro DC leadership intends to meet Monday, May 24, to discuss strategy moving forward.  

This is an ongoing story and Professional Remodeler will continue to gather, verify, and publish the newsworthy facts as quickly as diligence allows.

If any readers have additional information relevant to this developing story they'd wish to share, we invite you to contact our managing editor at jmcclister@sgcmail.com.

About the Author

About the Author

James McClister is managing editor for Professional Remodeler.



Is the exodus from NARI going to be en masse or will someone, who has the power to save us all, going to step up and do his job and stop the madness? One man, Dennis Gehman, can either complete the destruction of this fine organization or save it. Fire David Pekel, and the healing begins. Otherwise watch the flames of an organization you helped to tear down. Aren't we supposed to love one another and respect one another, hear each others viewpoints and compromise for the greater good? That;s not happening now, and we all know why. David Pekel has hijacked this organization, Doug King is his slimeball henchman who has proven to relish in the discomfort of others, and if you are not part of the Pekel plan, you are nothing but membership dues. They just want your money. It is all a Pekel power grab and it is about getting your money. No one's viewpoint matters, and so Pekel has to go, or NARI goes down with his greed. Can someone save us? Dennis, are you listening? Stand up and do what is right, even if it's hard. Save us from evil.

Over the past few months, I have repeatedly asked myself "How did we get here?!" NARI is an incredible association made up of dedicated, hard-working remodeling professionals devoted to improving our industry. It has a long history which has been built on the backs of members, chapters, chapter and national staff, and great volunteer leaders. However, the NARI I see today is not the NARI I know and love. The National Leaders, who individually are great people have lost sight of the significance and value of the local chapter and members. They are being convinced by our current CEO that they are under attack by chapters. When in fact, chapters just want the opportunity to have an open dialog to address concerns. What concerns: A dues increase and cut chapter services during a pandemic when chapters needed support and funding more than ever, a leadership system that is hand-picked vs. elected to represent members from every region, and finally the lack of a long-term strategic plan. I sincerely hope the national leadership will wake up and seek to listen to the remaining chapters in order to save the association. Stop recusing board members from board discussions because the have a differing opinion, meet with chapter leaders to better understand the issues and take a long, hard look at the numbers...is your current leadership moving the needle in the right direction?!

Angela, You are a true professional and your wisdom and experience will continue to shine through this situation. Best of luck to you.
Kathy Raab CAE CNAP
Executive Officer, Metropolitan Builders Association of Greater Milwaukee Inc.

Angela has been an outstanding leader and role model for chapter executives across the United States. Her energy and Christian values have put her on top. Those values are what made her Brave enough to confront the sexist males of NARI and not just push their actions under the rug!! Congratulations Angela, you are my Hero !!

Disgusting. Doug Kings email attacking Angela with an intent to make her cry? Shameful and misogynistic. No place for a person like that in any leadership position. Period.

Mr. King’s email was shameful as he let his true colors shine for all to see. “They will eat up an hour”, “beg with crocodile tears and theatrics”, ... and “a named board member might vote no because she’s not a confrontational person” are just a couple vitriol highlights . The clincher for me however was, “Although I would actually like to see xxxxx’s face when we vote to dissolve her chapter”. Really Mr. King?!?!
Your “apology” for this misogynistic post was almost as embarrassing. The biggest difference was in the sincerity level. I believe you sincerely meant everything you said in the errant email but highly doubt your sincerity in the apology. You got caught. When people show you their true colors... believe them. I see you.
It will be shameful of this organization if they allow you to even be a member now, let alone be on the board.

This seems so wrong in so many ways.
Terminating a Chapter??!! For what??
Look at the success the Chapter has had across the offerings that NARI has developed over the years.
Speaking from my personal experience at my local chapter, I could not imagine where I would be had it not been for having our local Chapter.
I’ve served in many local leadership roles over the 20 plus years I’ve been a member, I’ve won several local CotY Awards, a few Regional and a few National CotYs. I have now three NARI Certified Designations and am seeking to become NARI Accredited, I’ve served as National Delegate and on National Committees all to make things better for the Organization, our Chapter and selfishly me.
I’ve made a lot of friends both locally and Nationally.
I know it’s all because of my local NARI Chapter and all those people that came before me to build a place I wanted to stay.
I read the ‘letter’ and I responded to National Leadership via an email with my disapproval.
Why would an organization that is made up of mostly volunteers terminate a very strong and viable Chapter because they speak up, ask questions and seek answers.
Don’t you think this should be looked into a little deeper, what about the rest of us, if we speak up and ask questions and seek answers to our questions and concerns will we be terminated as Chapters or even just single members? Not Good!
True I don’t know all the facts from both sides but I have too much time, money and energy already invested in this organization to not speak up AGAIN for what I feel is an injustice.
I know this decision can be reversed. Save this Chapter. Save all of us and this great organization from whatever is going on.
Put it all out on the table!

Unfortunately we will be better without them

Today I received an apology for NARI Chairman Doug King. We cannot change all that has transpired but a simple apology goes a long way in my book. Forgiveness and grace are paramount to my faith and I appreciate Doug's sincere apology.

This past week I had a GREAT phone conversation with a Top Tier NARI National Staff Person. We were able to have a very candid conversation about all that has happened regarding our Chapters and our NARI Organization and our leaders who have been in the recent spot light.
I certainly don't have any of the answers except how all this makes me feel inside.
Though they may not exactly transform to the way each one of us thinks they should be, I DO believe we are going to see positive outcomes in the very near future.
I will continue to speak out when I feel it is necessary and this is another one of those times.
It is Time for Healing.

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