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The Value of Thank You

A lesson in taking time out of a busy schedule to offer thanks

March 13, 2017

I used to work with an editor who quietly practiced a routine that I’ve never forgotten. It was a busy office, and we were always scrambling to keep up with a daunting workload. In that environment, it’s easy to dispense with the niceties and just focus on getting the job done. 

In an effort to not allow the crush of daily tasks to obscure deeper truths, Rhonda would take the time to thank each of her colleagues and direct reports every week for something they had done. She never told anyone it was a weekly ritual, instead she would just casually say, “Hey, I saw that you stayed late to finish that project and I really appreciate it.” The people around Rhonda inevitably felt validated by her words, which helped build morale and teamwork. No one ever knew that she was so busy she needed a schedule to thank people!

It’s so easy to forget to express appreciation for the hard work and good deeds that surround us all. In that spirit, during this holiday season, I would like to thank everyone in the remodeling field that helps make this magazine—and the entire industry—great. 

First up is our sources. Professional Remodeler benefits greatly from a large group of industry members who take the time to write insightful columns, share their expertise in interviews, send cool photographs, and open up to us about the inner workings of their businesses. Thank you. 

Next is anyone who has read a story and either wrote a note or called to respond. The comments we receive—both positive and critical—help us keep delivering information that’s relevant, actionable, and inspiring. 

Third are the professionals who spend thousands (and thousands) of hours volunteering for NARI and NAHB. Our trade associations are the frontlines against challenges facing the industry: a labor shortage, untrained workers, and poorly conceived legislation, to name just three. Unfortunately, when the association is doing its job well, the results are invisible, making it easy to forget the work that goes into each initiative. Thank you. 

Finally, I would like to thank the management and staff here at SGC Horizon. It’s been a fantastic year for Professional Remodeler and it wouldn’t be possible without the passion and dedication of our amazing team. 

Have a joyous and successful 2017! 

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