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Blackline Renovations

2017 Design Award Winner: Whole-House over $750,000

September 05, 2017

"Open and elegant. A stunning makeover." 

Blackline Renovations, Dallas

Remodeler: Chris Black

Architect: William Briggs

Photographer: Ken Vaughan

For this project, classic design blends with modern elements to create a timeless aesthetic. Built in the mid-century, the home’s dated, dark interior was updated and expanded with additions to the first and second floors. 

One challenge facing the team was how to install sufficient support for the additions while maintaining the structural integrity of the existing foundation. Steel beams were required to support the second floor, and to get them in place, the team cut strategic holes in the subfloor and inserted the new beams to rest on the piers. Several new piers were also required. The result is a home that will reflect strength and beauty for generations to come. 

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