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Alena Brooks Blasio

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Alena Brooks Blasio

April 13, 2022


B.A. Worthing, Inc.

Carlsbad, Calif.

2021 Revenue: $6 million

Personal challenge: I purchased the company from my dad in 2020 and was scheduled to sit for the Contractors State License Board exam the next month. I was then in a serious car accident, suffered a brain injury, and it took a year before I was healed enough to start studying again. But there was a silver lining. I used to work 15-hour days, and I have a husband and four kids. After the accident, I drastically changed my schedule. I’m now producing higher quality work while being present enough to love and care for myself and my family.

Advice to others: We pay health insurance for employees and dependents, 401K, and regular raises. I’ve had our guys come and say, “Hey, I have somebody else offering me more money, but they don’t pay benefits, can you give me more?” I think that when you allow them to talk to you, and you listen and respond in a way that shows that you value them, they’ll stay and be happier. We also give a yearly bonus based on company performance. It’s a way to say, “We appreciate your work. You’re part of this team, and you’re important to us.”

Business book recommendation:

The Four Agreements 




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