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5 Ways Drones, Self-Driving Cars, and More May Change Future Remodels

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5 Ways Drones, Self-Driving Cars, and More May Change Future Remodels

High-tech tools such as drones and self-driving cars may change some of the details that homeowners want in a remodel.

By Shashi Bellamkonda July 14, 2021
Drone flying in front of home

Homes are getting smarter and more connected. During the pandemic, there was an increase in the use of apps and delivery services across all demographics. This in the future may also mean that remodelers and exterior contractors may need to prepare to add new features to remodels and home improvement projects.

Here are some of the new projects that homeowners may ask remodelers in the next few years. 

1. Robot vacuum charging area

 More than 15 million Americans own a robot vacuum. It is a nice convenience, but it needs a place to rest and recharge. Remodelers should consider an area in the kitchen or other utility room where the vacuums can have their own port and resting place, yet be accessible when summoned by an app. 

2. Wire-free security camera fittings on Windows

Smart security cameras are getting easier for homeowners to install themselves. Modern windows companies can provide a way for homeowners to install security cameras and power outlets right in the windows.

3. Drone delivery port

Delivery by drones for homeowners’ shopping orders and library books are not far away. My prediction is that every homeowner will have to specify the area where they would like the drone delivery. Your physical address does not specify where the porch is or where the entrance is. There are two open-source technologies that are becoming popular to share exact locations within an address. What3words and PlusCodes from Google. Remodelers and builders can build an accessible platform and help the homeowner with the exact address that the drone port will have for future shopping. 

4. Mesh Wi-Fi stations

For larger homes, having multiple Wi-Fi points is common. Homeowners can improvise and hide these mesh Wi-Fi points between plants and under tables, but savvy developers and remodelers can create a Wi-Fi niche with a power outlet to help the points blend in right away. This will require some knowledge of how the Wi-Fi system works to be able to give the best recommendation to homeowners. 

5. Level garages for self-driving cars

In cars that have an automatic summons like a Tesla, if you want your car to park itself in the garage, you need an entry to the garage without a slope. As self-driving cars evolve remodelers and builders must consider the angles for the entry of these cars. Additionally, having an EV charger in every garage is a necessity for electric cars. 

As a homeowner, these are some of the pain-points that I personally had except for the drone port, which is a bit futuristic. What are your favorite future project predictions? 

Shashi Bellamkonda is the VP of marketing at Leap. 

written by

Shashi Bellamkonda

Shashi Bellamkonda, Speaker and Digital Marketing Expert, known by many as the “social media swami,” is VP, Marketing at Leap (Leaptodigital.com) and teaches Digital Marketing Strategy and Marketing Analytics at Georgetown University. Shashi is passionate about helping small businesses and has spoken on Small Business and Marketing technology tools at conferences like SXSW, IABC, PRSA, Mid-Atlantic Summit, MarketingProfs and Affiliate Summit.

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