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5 Sales Techniques to Master


5 Sales Techniques to Master

Use these techniques to master selling in today and tomorrow's market

By Mark Richardson February 21, 2023
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We are no longer in the order taker environment that existed 12 months ago. In today’s remodeling market you need a sharp sales axe or else cutting that tree (closing the deal) will be impossible, or at the least, very grueling.

Following are five helpful sales techniques to master:


1. The Language of Sales.

There’s an old adage that goes, “If you say it, they understand, but if you say it well, they feel it.” With that in mind, list five to 10 words for you to consistently use in the sales process.

Think about a few metaphors that help a prospect understand and feel your message. Try creating diagrams to aid a client in visualizing your points.


2. A Sales Process.

Processes are not straitjackets, just the opposite. They can be freeing. A strong sales process allows you to be in the moment with a homeowner since you’re not struggling to figure out what to say. It creates confidence and trust.

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3. Mastering the Money Talk.

Generally, one key difference between the master salesperson and the novice is the approach to discussing budget. Many of us were taught as children that it’s impolite to talk about money.

Yet mastering this skill is important to help and guide the prospect. Freeing yourself from discomfort allows you to learn to ask the right questions, guide the prospect through budgeting exercises, and use metaphors to help them understand the reasons behind the costs.


4. Generating Your Own Leads.

Most salespeople are farmers rather than hunters. But the best ones know that developing hunting skills not only increases sales but also can save time. Say you have a 20% close rate for random leads and 60% for referrals.

Learn how to ask for referrals in a way that compliments the client rather than just focuses on your needs.

Investing just a few hours a week will increase your sales and close ratio. You can begin by calling one past client every day. Try to have lunch once a month with a top real estate professional in your area, and maybe even conduct a seminar for their team.

Learn how to ask for referrals in a way that compliments the client rather than just focuses on your needs.


5. Master the Close.

We all know that 80% of objections are one of three things: “I need to think about it,” “I’m getting other bids,” and “The price is too high. To combat this, check out some podcasts or videos on sales closing techniques. Think about closing as just moving the ball into the end zone and not a special event.


In conclusion, investing time in your schedule to master these skills will make a big difference. If you can make these habits more conscious, your sales success will dramatically increase.


written by

Mark Richardson


Mark Richardson, CR, is an author, columnist, and business growth strategist. He authored the best-selling book, How Fit Is Your Business? as well as his latest book, Fit to Grow. He can be reached at mrichardson@mgrichardson.com or 301.275.0208.

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