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3 Traits Sales Managers Need to Succeed

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3 Traits Sales Managers Need to Succeed

Implementing best practices focused around these attributes can increase sales success for your home improvement business

By Gary A. Cohen November 17, 2023
Home improvement sales manager
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Sales managers play a pivotal role in driving revenue, managing sales teams, and fostering customer relationships. To excel in this role, it is essential to understand and implement best practices that revolve around beliefs, behaviors, and skills.

Let’s delve into the significance of these three elements and how they can enhance a sales manager’s performance.

Maintain a Strong Belief System

Sales managers must possess strong beliefs that guide their actions and influence their teams. Believing in the value of the company, its value proposition, the product or service being offered, the importance of building long-term customer relationships, and the power of continuous improvement can create a positive and motivated sales culture.

Sales managers should exhibit traits like integrity, resiliency, and empathy while inspiring their team members to follow suit.

Managers can foster a sense of purpose and dedication that transcends mere transactions by instilling these beliefs in the sales team.

Demonstrate Consistent Behaviors

Successful sales managers understand the impact of behaviors on the overall sales team. Leading by example is crucial for establishing a high-performance culture.

Sales managers should exhibit traits like integrity, resiliency, and empathy while inspiring their team members to follow suit.

Regular communication, constructive feedback, and recognition of achievements create a supportive environment that drives performance and encourages personal growth. By setting clear expectations and demonstrating consistent behaviors, sales managers can shape their team’s mindset and foster a culture of success.

Desire to Develop Essential Skills

While beliefs and behaviors form the foundation, the development of essential skills is equally vital for sales managers. Effective communication, negotiation, problem-solving, and strategic thinking are just a few of the skills that contribute to success in sales management.

Sales managers should invest in ongoing training and professional development for themselves and their sales team to stay abreast of industry trends. They must also follow a proven sales process and methodology, and master winning techniques.

Equipping themselves and their sales team with the right skills allows members of the team to make informed decisions and overcome challenges.

written by

Gary A. Cohen

Gary Cohen is Vice President of Certified Contractors Network (CCN). He spent 11 years as a Clinical Professor of Business at the University of Maryland. CCN is a training, coaching, and networking organization in the home improvement industry. For more information on CCN, contact Gary at gcohen@contractors.net or visit www.contractors.net/contractors.

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