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3 Tips for Contractors to Turn Bad Google Reviews Into Revenue

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3 Tips for Contractors to Turn Bad Google Reviews Into Revenue

Best practices for responding to Google reviews that will create more raving fans and drive more referral business to home improvement companies

By Drew Barto February 21, 2023
How to turn negative Google reviews into more referral business
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It’s easy for some contractors to sweep negative Google reviews under the rug. If we look away, they don’t exist, right? Wrong. Running away from customer feedback is not only bad business, but you’re also missing out on opportunities to add revenue and create raving fans for your company.

Here are three tips on how to convert bad reviews into more business:

1. Respond to Google Reviews Immediately

Someone in your business should be responsible for receiving notifications of new reviews and responding to them as soon as they’re submitted.

Suppose the difference between a four-star review and a five-star review is something as silly as the customer being unhappy about your installation team wearing t-shirts on a hot 90-degree day, rather than more professional long-sleeve button-down shirts. In that case, you might not be able to make it right. But, you can at least acknowledge the comment and thank the customer for the feedback.

However, if the issue is related to the quality of your work–say, the customer isn’t satisfied with the neatness of the caulking around the windows your crew installed–then respond right away to apologize and let them know someone will be calling them to set up a time to come out and take a look at it. This leads to tip number two…

2. Call Customers Who Leave Bad Reviews

Customers don’t think you’re going to call them after they say not-so-nice things about you online. Prove them wrong and pick up the phone.

If their complaint is related to something you can fix, then fix it ASAP. The sooner you address what’s bothering them, the sooner you get them back on your side and more likely to refer you.

In my 13 years of home improvement experience, the customers who raved the most about us were the ones who had problems that we resolved after installation. These customers referred us the most and this is where you’ll earn that ever-important referral revenue.

3. Ask Customers to Update Google Reviews

If you’ve resolved issues for a customer, kindly ask them to update the star rating and the review. According to BrightLocal, 57% of consumers will only use a business if it has 4 or more stars in local reviews. So, every bad review you can upgrade to a higher rating will help you get more business.

If you feel especially good about your relationship with a customer, ask them if you can use their situation and your response to it in your marketing efforts. You might even get a great video testimonial out of them.

written by

Drew Barto

Drew Barto is director of home improvement for Pro Remodeler. He most recently served as the Director of Marketing at Energy Swing Windows in Pittsburgh. Contact him at dbarto@sgcmail.com or 412-607-7820.

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  • Submitted by Toni Amenrud (not verified) on Wed, 06/05/2024 - 19:01


    What about those customers who leave bad Google review and you had already done everything you good, going back time after time to resolve the issue until you just have to remind them they have an 1800's that moves and shifts and we can't go out each time it does? Or the clients you could build them a whole new house and they'd still leave you a bad review? How do you responde?

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