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2020 Extreme Lead Generation Is Going Live, Online to Connect Remodeling Pros

The new online platform will allow attendees to connect with peers and customize their experience.

September 01, 2020
Extreme Lead Gen

Extreme Lead Generation

Real, Practical Strategies to Improve Your Lead Capture and Conversions

WHEN: November 12-13, 2020

WHERE: Online live event

REGISTER TODAY: www.prextremeleadgen.com


The 2020 Extreme Lead Generation conference is going through its own conversion. This year, it will be live and connected on the interactive platform Pathable instead of its traditional in-person format. 

While some might see this as a setback, Tony Mancini, group director-principal at SGC Horizon, sees the online format as an opportunity for transformation.

“We’ve been doing the Extreme Lead Gen conference for five years, and people have loved it,” Mancini says. “We know how important lead gen is to the overall health of your business. Our live, connected event is not ‘virtual.” It’s so much more. It’s educational, engaging, filled with actionable items, fun and personalized.” 

Indeed, the interactivity of the Pathable  platform sets it apart from some of the other virtual events that have cropped up since the pandemic hit. Extreme Lead Gen features over 20 industry experts as both presenters and facilitators with peer-to-peer roundtables so that attendees can share best practices and gain the insights of others who aren’t competitors in their market.

“The round tables are one of my favorite parts of the event,” says Erika Taylor, director of content for Pro Remodeler. “The format allows people to interact directly in small groups, and let’s business owners learn from each other in a lively setting.”  

The sessions are short and fast paced with topics such as tips for handling a marketing budget, understanding KPIs, and efficient ways to qualify leads.

“A firm's ability to identify and prioritize leads in the right way is time and money,” Mancini says. “How do you do it? And then how do you follow up to make sure you're optimizing the leads that you are getting?” With the keynote speakers,  round tables, and peer-to-peer interaction, Mancini says that home improvement professionals can learn how to get on the top of their lead generation game. 

What can you expect this year? 

Meet the new Extreme Lead Generation, live and connected! From the safety of our online environment, this highly targeted conference will help you transform your home improvement business with transformative takeaways from keynote superstars, best practices in lead generation, and much-needed time to connect with friends and other pros. 

This conference will spotlight: 

  • Presentations by 20 industry experts
  • Audience participation in live Q&A
  • Private consultations with industry experts and speakers
  • Dynamic roundtable discussions
  • Tips and tricks improve your lead capture and conversions
  • Breakout sessions to form cutting-edge lead gen strategies
  • Games and prizes throughout the entire event
  • Opportunities with strategic partners and exhibitors

“I think next year, even if we have the in-person event, we will have some kind of live connected at the same time for those people that don't want to travel or can't travel or can't afford to travel so whatever the reason is being able to have our content available,” Mancini says. “I think it is going to end up being the perfect marriage.”

Learn more here and sign up today!


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