2011 NAHB Remodelers CADRE winners

NAHB Remodelers honor top members at annual gala

December 13, 2011
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Professional Remodeler Editorial Director Patrick O’Toole, with Remodeling Hall of Famers Alan and Bob Hanbury

Every year, the NAHB Remodelers recognizes its top members and councils with Council Award for Demonstrating Remodeling Excellence. Eight leading remodelers, councils and associates were recognized with 2011 CADREs at this year’s Remodeling Show.

The CADRE Awards, judged by members of NAHB Remodelers’ Board of Trustees, are presented each year to local remodelers councils and individuals whose work at the local council level exemplifies the best practices of the remodeling industry. The CADRE is the NAHB Remodelers’ highest national award for work at the local level.

This year’s CADREs were sponsored by Pella Corp. and Professional Remodeler.

“Local NAHB remodelers councils across the nation support the accomplishment of professional remodelers with programs, education, and leadership development,” says NAHB Remodelers chairman Bob Peterson, CGR, CAPS, CGP, a remodeler from Fort Collins, Colo. “The CADRE awards celebrate their work and raise the bar for local excellence.”

Government Affairs: The Greater Houston Builders Association — Remodelers Council

The Greater Houston Builders Association — Remodelers Council advocated for remodeler interests on the Houston Archeological and Historical Commission. In late 2009, Remodelers Council President, Rob Hellyer, CGR, GMB, CAPS, joined the commission and has been representing the concerns of remodelers and working to ease the process of remodeling in historical districts. Hellyer has devoted a great deal of time to attend meetings, research issues and educate the commission and community members from the prospective of an experienced professional remodeler. His work has resulted in the

commission’s approval of allowing remodelers to use engineered, synthetic and composite materials that reduce cost and improve long-term maintenance while retaining historical appearance.

Outstanding Council Chair: Rob Hellyer, Greater Houston Builders Association

Hellyer is an active remodeler member with leadership positions in virtually every association activity, including helping to plan several home shows every year, charity remodeling projects, and more. Hellyer is also a leader outside the association and is the first and only building professional to become a member of the Houston Archeological and Historical Commission, which approves all construction projects in the 16 historic districts of Houston. For seven years Hellyer has served on the council’s Board of Directors and also serves on the association board.

Community Service: Professional Remodelers Organization of the HBA of Metro Portand

The Professional Remodelers Organization of the HBA of Metro Portland worked with the Home Builders Foundation, the charitable arm of the association, to remodel and expand a home for at-risk boys. Now valued at $800,000, the home was completely renovated from building envelope improvements to state-of-the art kitchen appliances. Members donated significant work hours and materials to bring the project to fruition. The remodel included all new flooring of tile and wood, countertops, new bath fixtures and shower stalls, on-demand water heaters, a new deck, in-house vacuum system and converting an unused attic into a library and media room that the boys affectionately call the “Dude Room.”

Membership Service and Education: Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders — Remodelers

Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders — Remodelers created the first local Building and Remodeling Expo. More than 100 member companies exhibited in the show, meeting with consumers about products, design and home remodeling. They also provided consumers with educational seminars on topics like making a home more energy efficient, dream home design, planning a kitchen or bath remodel, outdoor living and more. The expo garnered local media coverage and brought 5,000 visitors, generating jobs for member participants.

Public Relations and Promotions: Home Builders Association of Hartford — Remodelers

The HBA of Hartford Remodelers rekindled a relationship that began in the 1950s with the Channel 3 Kids Camp by building a new pavilion to increase capacity for events and activities for campers in time for the camp’s 100th anniversary. The camp services low-income children from across the northeast, providing residential and day programs. Remodeler members volunteered more than 200 hours of labor and donated materials. The value of the completed building was estimated at $175,000, and most of the funds came from donations and the HBA’s charitable foundation. The project earned the HBA and members media coverage from the local CBS television affiliate and several newspapers, including a highly publicized dedication ceremony for honoring the HBA and member volunteers.

Pella Corp.’s Chris Dana applauded the council for “earning positive media accolades with a charity project benefiting a local camp for children.”

Membership Recruitment and Retention: Greater Houston Builders Association — Remodelers Council

The Greater Houston Builders Association — Remodelers Council created a membership ambassador program for greeting and recruiting new members.

At association events, first-time attendees and nonmembers were identified and greeted by member ambassadors. The greeters enjoyed making new contacts, and the prospective members said they felt welcome and benefited more from the personal interaction.

This personal touch helped improve the success of the annual membership drive with six new council members and many more requests for membership information.

Outstanding Associate Member: Judy Crane Bonica, Greater Houston Builders Association — Remodelers Council

Bonica has been an energized leader for the council on member recruitment and retention. She helped to create and implement the ambassador program mentioned above where current members greet new and prospective members at events.

She also assisted in organizing a two-day membership drive and recruited members to make calls for recruiting new members.

Finally, Bonica enlisted her company, Mainland Custom Marble, to support the council’s annual garage sale that raises funds for local charities.

Outstanding Council Coordinator: Hallie Gentry, Professional Remodelers Organization of the HBA of Metro Portland

Since 2007, Gentry has served as the council’s staff leader, planning a variety of charity, networking and promotional events for the remodelers. Gentry also launched the council’s Facebook page, Twitter feed, blog and new website. She works with members on creating content, developing networking events and communicating with members and the public about the council.

Dana applauded Gentry for “her work to grow and support the council.”

For more information on the winners of this year’s NAHB Remodelers CADRE awards and to find out how to apply for the 2012 awards, visit www.nahb.org/remodelers.


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