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10 Reasons Homeowners Should Hire A Professional Designer

Number 6 and 10 are reasons you haven't thought of yet.

January 11, 2021
10 reasons to hire a designer with blackline renovations

Many remodelers have their work cut out for them in trying to help homeowners understand the importance of design services. This informative video from Blackline Renovations give 10 reasons why having a designer on the team is crucial for the success of any project.

Blackline Renovations President Chris Black joined the editors of The Weekly recently to divulge 10 reasons why hiring a professional designer is a smart decision. We’ve summarized five of his points below: 

Reason 1. Product knowledge.

Designers know what products work where, and why. 

Reason 2. Too many product selections.

Black looked into and found that just a single bathroom will require somewhere between 100 and 200 product selections. Designers can quickly consolidate those selections to make them more manageable. 

Reason 3. Product-related code issues.

Where you put a chandelier, for instance, will either work or not based on code. A designer can pre-empt future problems by pointing out those code challenges out on the fly. 

Reason 4. Pricing challenges.

Homeowners don’t realize that allowances are in wholesome numbers and showrooms deal in retail prices, so it can be confusing. Designers can talk about retail prices, helping to make sense of the numbers. 

Reason 5. Time challenges.

Going out and figure out product choices is time consuming. While a remodeler is working on other parts of the projects, designers can go out with homeowners to create palettes for colors and surfaces, make product selections, etc.  

Watch the video to hear all 10 reasons and check out The Weekly for more video content for remodelers.

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