Pro's Pick: R.D. Henry Heartland Transitional Cabinets

This Pro's Pick is a line of cabinetry with finishes that last a long, long time. 

July 30, 2021
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Amber CarfieldAmber Carfield

Senior Designer

Kitchens by Good Guys /  Scottsdale, Ariz.

R.D. Henry Heartland Transitional Cabinets

R.D. Henry is well known for its finishes and has hundreds of them to choose from. They're also made in the USA which is a major thumbs up for us. But it’s really the longevity that their finish provides that sold me. I just had a client who has a 12-year-old kitchen from this company, and she's still extremely happy with the finish. The longevity is unsurpassed by many brands in their price bracket.

We install the Heartland transitional line in roughly fifty percent of our kitchens. They also have a line called Revola, which is a counterpart that offers a more modern look. We prepare a full set of drawings based on products from their catalog. We can offer almost anything that a client may have seen and duplicate with them in the Heartland line. They're very good at getting the design that you've asked for and all the details right. 

R.D. Henry builds the door first and spends extra time sanding off the rough edges and making sure it’s in good shape before several coats of paint are applied. They then bake a varnish onto cabinets so that they can last over 15 years. We can rely on the cabinets to show up in really good shape. 

One of the other great things is the lead time reliability. If they tell me it's going to be six weeks, I know it's going to be six weeks. It makes our process more efficient because we don’t have to reschedule any installs. Even throughout the pandemic, they have done a phenomenal job communicating with us if they’re having any trouble getting materials. 


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