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Women at WIRC Podcast: Episode 5

Sheila Lanier of Homework Remodels talks benefits of a business coach and how to revamp your hiring process

February 05, 2020
women at wirc episode 5 sheila lanier

Episode 5: Sheila Lanier 

I was lucky enough to spend the day with Sheila Lanier a few months ago. I was flying into Arizona a day early for our Women in Residential Construction conference, so I reached out to Homework Remodels to see if they’d let me be a fly on the wall for the day. It’s something that the Pro Remodeler team tries to do often, at various remodeling and home improvement companies across the country. It gives us a chance to get out of the office and immerse ourselves for a day in the work our readers do.

Sheila and the owner of Homework Remodels, Steve Shinn, walked me through the ins and outs of their company—most notably, how they’ve structured their unique hiring processes. They were in the midst of hiring a new project manager and looking to grow their team further, so it was front of mind.

Homework Remodels takes the DISC assessment a step further by using the True Colors assessment—an approach I hadn’t seen before but one that I now can’t believe more companies don’t use.

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This episode was written and produced by Kaitlin Schuler, with editing by Erika Taylor.

About the Author

About the Author

Kaitlin Schuler is the special projects editor for Pro Remodeler. 

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