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Why the Client Is The Biggest Competitor

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Remodeling Mastery

Why the Client Is The Biggest Competitor

Host Mark Richardson examines changes in the housing industry, such as ADUs and changing homeowner demographics and migration patterns.

By Mark Richardson July 20, 2021
Remodeling Mastery Mark Richardson

Host Mark Richardson is joined by guest Kermit Baker, chief economist for the AIA, to talk about changes and trend forecasts in the remodeling industry. They chat about ADUs, migration patterns, and more. 

"There's a lot of pent-up demand, people who have been in their home for 12 to 15 months," Kermit says. "They've been working on some home projects, but they're ready to take the next step too. Some of that will be related to the next phase of home remodeling, and some of that will be related to other things they couldn't do like traveling and going to a baseball game and eating at a fancy restaurant."

Learn more about who will be looking to upgrade their home and what they want from a remodel, and if, and when, the next shoe may drop. 

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