What's 'In' In Bathroom Design

Bathroom furniture styles vary as much as homeowners.

June 30, 2001

Bath furniture styles vary. Traditional or country French is adorned with hand-painted or handcrafted textured finishes. You will find Asian influences present with walls or cabinets in red or soft, earthy colors, and bamboo bath accessories as an additional touch. The colors hot pink, gold and orange are Indian-inspired.

Countertops have a smoother, more comfortable feel with rounded edges instead of square. Solid countertops are the No. 1 choice by consumers, followed by cultured marble, laminate, granite, marble and tile.

Sinks have become quite luxurious, from the classic and elegant pedestal sink to the exotic handcrafted glass sink. Consider a pedestal sink with a Victorian-style faucet or a faucet in one of the new brushed nickel finishes.
Pure indulgence reigns in oversize showers with multifunction towers.

Toilets are sleeker and more stylish, and can coordinate with sinks and bidets.

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